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We are proud to launch our new I-Bites APP for clients who are on the move.

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I-Bites daily Meal Plans

These are 3 course meals are customised to suit your individual needs, we also cater for individuals or groups.

These 3 course exclusive healthy meal plans, are designed for:

Weight Loss ( 900Kcal – 1000 Kcal) — lunch,snack and dinner     €16 per day

Weight Maintenance(1400kcal-1600kcal) — lunch,snack and dinner       €18 per day

Weight Gain -(1800kcal-2000kcal) — lunch,snack and dinner      €22 per day

Whats going on in the APP:
Online store.

Calories information of the dishes.

Special order form. – Domestic Delivery Form.

User account / Profile.

Offers. Messages. Suggestions.

Restaurant Locator.

Pictures of the dishes / Our menu.

Click and Call.

Social networks.

Nutrition Blog.

Buy the food from direct the APP to collect from the restaurant or have delivered.

The APP offers calculator options for your daily calories, News on different types of foods to improve your overall health.

It offers personalized dishes adapted to your individual or group needs. I-Bites Healthy Eating Programs for a Healthy Lifestyle