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28 04, 2017

Chicken Main Bite 420kcal

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Chicken Main Bite 420kcal Grilled or steamed chicken 420kcal, served with vegetables or cold salad and a choice of rice, buckwheat, sweet potato mush or new potato Meat 200g + Veg 100g + Carbohydrate 100g = 420kcal

3 04, 2017

I Bites Marbella new Menu

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I-Bites Marbella New Menu Nutritious Meal Plans I-Bites Marbella offer exclusive Nutritious Meal Plans. 3 course meals customised to suit your individual or group needs. I-Bites Healthy Eating Programs for a healthy lifestyle. Weight Loss Weight Maintenance Weight Gain Our Meal Plans - Hungry for Healthy, Low Fat, High Protein [...]

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